If you have occasional foot pain, you might benefit from shoe inserts you buy at the drugstore. However, when you're dealing with chronic pain, custom orthotics could be a better solution. They cost more, but they also last much longer and give you better results than over-the-counter shoe inserts. Here's a look at when getting custom orthotics could be a good idea.

1. When You're Dealing With Chronic Foot Issues

If you have a condition, such as plantar fasciitis, that just won't get better, talk to your podiatrist about custom orthotics. Your condition may be due to repetitive stress on your foot that keeps it from healing. Orthotics could hold your feet in proper alignment and provide support so your feet are able to heal. Orthotics can help with the prevention of chronic foot pain too.

2. Your Gait Strains Your Body

If you have issues with back, hip, leg, or foot pain, the problem might be your gait. If you look at how your shoes wear down, you'll get a clue to how you bear your weight when you walk. You might put all your pressure on the balls of your feet or the inside or outside of your feet.

If you do, your shoes will wear down in that area. Orthotics can help with gait problems. When your feet are properly aligned when you walk, you put less strain on your back and hips, so orthotics can also help with back and hip pain too.

3. Your Feet Always Hurt When You Run

It's common to have sore and tired feet after running a marathon, but if you run daily and suffer from foot pain because of it, you may need custom orthotics that support your arches while you run and that stabilize your feet. In addition, you'll want to wear running shoes that fit you very well. If it's difficult to get shoes that fit right, orthotics might help by providing the support and cushioning you need.

4. When You're Overweight

Being overweight puts a lot of stress on your feet. If you have to spend a lot of time on your feet each day too, you may have chronic foot pain. Orthotics might help your condition by padding your shoes and absorbing shock when you walk.

Custom orthotics are different from shoe inserts you buy at the store. The custom variety is much more durable, stronger, and able to protect your feet much better. Some are even stiff rather than soft and flexible.

If you have chronic pain, one of your legs is shorter than the other, or if you're having orthopedic surgery and think orthotics might help, you can click here or visit a podiatrist or orthotics clinic to see if custom orthotics might be right for you.