Shin splints are common in runners and other athletes. If you have leg pain associated with shin splints, you may be looking for ways to recover safely. A series of exercises can help you recover without furthering your injuries.

These are some of the exercises you should add to your online workout builder to ensure you are remedying your shin splints.

Calf Raises

Calf raises can help strengthen your calves, and they can also improve the flexibility of your feet. This move requires you to slowly raise onto your toes before returning to your feet. You can improve the difficulty of this exercise by putting something between your feet to keep your heels pressing close together.

If you have a barre or chair available, you can perform calf raises with your knees bent. This can help distribute some of your weight, and it also prevents your knees from taking on so much of the burden of the exercise.

You can also perform this exercise on a step or stair, allowing your heel to come down lower than where the floor would be. This allows for more extension of your calf, giving your legs a deeper workout. You can also hold a weight when you do this workout.


Walking can also be a great exercise you can do quickly and in between sets of other exercises. You can try walking on your heels and walking on your toes. This will help you stretch out your calves as well as your shins.

Kneeling Stretch

A kneeling stretch may also be helpful to add to your routine. You will kneel with your hands on the floor and your bottom touching your heels. Your toes should be pointing toward each other. Lean forward and raise up, pulling your knees from the floor and allowing the tops of your feet to remain on the floor. Hold this position.

If you don't feel quite ready for this stretch, simply kneel so that your toes and knees are the only things touching the ground. You will feel a bit of stretch in your feet. Keep your back straight and avoid slouching.

Use an Online Workout Builder for Great Results

If you want to put together fun and effective workout routines, an online workout builder can be a great help. These tools can also help you target specific muscle groups so that you can address and avoid injuries like shin splints in the future. 

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