When you suffer from a back injury, such as a slipped or herniated disc, you may need medical treatment for it. Your injury may not have responded well to chiropractic massage or physical therapy.

However, you also may not want to get any kind of treatment that can result in significant pain and a lengthy recovery period. Instead, you may prefer to undergo a minimally invasive spine procedure for your injury.

Fewer Stitches and Suturing

Invasive operations can often result in you having to deal with extensive stitching and bandaging. You would have to ensure that your stitches remain clean and dry. You may also have to change your own bandages while you are home recovering.

Instead of dealing with extensive stitches and bandages, you can undergo a minimally invasive spine procedure. This operation may not require much, if any, stitching after it is completed. It also may not require the use of large bandages and surgical tape for your incision to heal.

You avoid having to contend with stitches that you must keep dry and clean. You also avoid having to change out bandages that can be difficult to reach and challenging to put in their proper place.

Less Pain

A minimally invasive spine procedure may also be less painful to endure. Because you may not have a large incision made, you may not experience the soreness and pain that comes from having a more invasive and extensive surgery performed. You also may not have extensive lingering pain from the overall surgery as you recover.

A minimally invasive spine procedure can be a better option if you do not have a high threshold for pain. You may find it less painful to endure and easier for you to tolerate.

Faster Recovery

Finally, you may heal faster after a minimally invasive spine procedure. You may only need to spend a few days resting at home before you can resume your normal routine. You avoid having to spend weeks in bed and perhaps even having to use a cane or walker to help you get around easier during your recovery.

A minimally invasive spine procedure can offer numerous advantages for dealing with your back injury. It can require less stitching and fewer bandages. It can also be less painful to endure than a more invasive surgery. It likewise may be faster to recover from, letting you resume your normal routine quicker. 

Contact a medical center such as The Anand Spine Group for more information.