Wellness visits are extremely important for your baby. It helps keep up with your baby's health and wellness, in addition to keeping up with your own health and wellness. When your baby is so small, you probably have a lot of questions for your baby's doctor and these appointments are very beneficial for you as well. Read on for what you can expect for your baby's wellness visits.


Your baby's weight and height will be measured and recorded. Your baby's measurements will tell you where your baby's stats stand with other babies your child's age. Your pediatrician will give you these stats in a percentage. Other measurements such as your baby's head size will also be checked and measured. These will all be kept in your child's chart, and you will also be given these measurements to take home with you.

Body Exam

Your pediatrician will check your baby's eyes, ears, nose, soft spot, belly, hips, and other body parts will all be checked at this appointment. If you have a boy who was circumcised, this area will be checked to ensure it is healing properly. Your baby will be checked for any hernias or belly swelling. Your baby's hips are checked to be sure there aren't any leg issues that would cause issues in the future.

Questions Answered

If you have any questions for your child's pediatrician about your baby's health and wellness, this is the time to ask. If your baby is having trouble breastfeeding, you can talk to your baby's pediatrician about this. If you have any concerns at all about your baby, you should ask your pediatrician at this time. Your pediatrician will be able to give you information to help you keep your baby happy and healthy. 

Important Milestones

Throughout your baby's lifetime, your baby will experience milestones such as a first tooth, rolling over, crawling, and eventually walking, as well as when to introduce cereal, water, or solid foods. Your baby's pediatrician will be able to give you information about when to expect this to begin to happen and when your baby should reach these milestones. If your baby isn't reaching these milestones, you should discuss them with your baby's pediatrician.

Your baby is looking to you to keep them healthy, and your baby doctor will play a part in this as well. Be sure you are taking your baby to their wellness visits to keep your baby's health up to date.