While breast augmentation is arguably more popular as a cosmetic procedure, a growing trend in plastic surgery is also butt augmentation. Similar to breast augmentation, butt augmentation involves the process of placing implants in the buttocks region to give your rear end a more youthful, sexier appearance. Butt implants are different from a butt lift as they add extra layers to the buttocks for a fuller appearance.

Is a butt implant right for you? Use this guide to help you find out.

You wear a prosthetic already

If you already wear a butt prosthetic to give your butt the appearance of being larger, then you may be ready for augmentation. Remember, augmentation is expensive and permanent and can take some time to heal from as the buttocks area is harder to keep clean and you won't be able to sit down for a while. However, if you are already wearing padded underpants and doing other things to make your butt larger, you're likely ready to commit to a permanently-fuller backside.

You have realistic expectations

If you want your flat or poorly shaped rear to look fuller, rounder, and look better in clothing, then butt augmentation will be right for you. Most plastic surgeons will not want to give you an implant that is so large it makes your derriere look unnatural, so make sure you have realistic expectations for the procedure. You can choose from a variety of filler sizes to get the implant you want. If you can't decide between two different sizes of implants, ask to take samples home and try them under clothing for a while until you've come to your decision.

You are committed to healing times

Unlike a breast augmentation, which is still a serious surgery and takes time to heal, the healing time for butt augmentation can be long. You will have to keep the area clean to prevent infection, will be unable to sit or perform any strenuous activity, and may even have to rest in the hospital for a few days while you heal.

It takes time to get the final results from your augmentation and for swelling to go down. If you can take the time off work and any family demands to make the surgery a success, then butt implants may be right for you. Discuss all concerns and questions you have about butt augmentation with your plastic surgeon so you know exactly what to expect or visit a website like http://www.medilasersurgery.com to learn more.