Back pain can feel like a dull ache at the base of your spine, it can consist of a sharp, stabbing sensation between your shoulders, or it can radiate from your neck to your tailbone. Most minor types of neck and back pain don't require surgery but the trouble is knowing what type of injury you are suffering from. You can hurt yourself much more severely than you assume by bending down to pick something heavy up from the waist or even wrestling around with your kids.

Consider Past Injuries

If you have ever hurt your neck and back in the past you may be more at risk of sustaining an injury that time can't heal on its own. An old football injury can literally sneak up on your, causing sustained neck and back pain after doing something mundane like performing yard work. Any type of pulled muscle, slipped disc, or strain that has caused you pain in the back and neck region years earlier can be exacerbated again.

Flexing, Strengthening, and Stretching Back Muscles

Some kinds of neck and back pain can be caused by long stretches of inactivity rather than over-exertion. For instance, if you have been sitting down and driving in your car for long periods, you might find that your back feels stiff and sore at the end of the day even though you haven't done any lifting. Sufficiently warm your muscles up to avoid neck and back pain by doing stretches just after getting out of bed.

Use Over-the-Counter Medication in Moderation

Sometimes you will experience pain in the back region that just won't let up until you take a pain reliever. Over-the-counter medications are safe to use on occasion to treat ailments ranging from runny noses and headaches to shoulder pain and fever, but you can't use it as a means of masking your symptoms. Minor aches and neck and back pain are usually nothing to be overly concerned about, but if you need over-the-counter pain relievers to function you probably have a moderate to severe injury. If you need to take over-the-counter pain relievers for more than a day or two to treat your back pain, call a doctor.

Treating your neck and back pain with hot showers, heating implements, over-the-counter medicines, and cold compresses is good in the short run. For everything else, sound medical advice from a professional is always suggested. Severe and moderate back pain will not resolve itself so get to a doctor and feel better sooner. For more information, contact companies like Beltline Chiropractic.