If your child has broken a bone then you are probably worried about getting it treated in the quickest, most practical, and safest way. It is important that you know the signs of a broken bone in the child so that you can take them to the doctor when necessary and understand what will happen if they do have a broken bone.

How Do I Know The Bone In Broken?

In many cases it can be hard to know if the bone is broken without an x-ray. In rare situations there will actually be an obvious break because of the misshapen nature of the area around the break. However, in most situations the child will just be in pain and leave you to decide if they need to see the doctor or not.

First, see if the child is using the body part. For instance, if the child has hurt their arm, ask them to squeeze your fingers; see if they can move the arm around. In some cases they still have mobility, but it is painful and so they won't use it. The arm just lays limp at their side, even for hours after the initial injury. Another sign would be if there is swelling around the area of the break. However, in some cases children have shown few signs besides pain when the bone is broken, which is why it is best to get an x-ray if you suspect it.

What Will Happen When I Take My Child To The Doctor?

When you take your child to the urgent care clinic or other doctor's office, you should expect to have the doctor first do an exam of the area. They will simply test the child's mobility, look at the affected area, check for swelling, and determine if the child needs an x-ray. If there is an x-ray machine at the office, the doctor will do it right there, but in many cases they will have to send you out for an x-ray at a hospital or a lab. Thus, you could be doing a bit of driving around before determining if the bone is broken.

If the bone is broken you will go back to the doctor to have it soft casted first and then hard casted a couple days later. If the break is severe the doctor won't cast it but will send you to a orthopedic doctor who may have to set it and put pins in it. It all depends on how serious the break is.

By knowing these things you can help your child if you think they have a broken bone. For more information, talk to an office such as La Costa Urgent Care.