Are you worried because your dog will have to be left behind during your upcoming vacation? As long as you properly prepare for your pet for the situation, it can help reduce the amount of stress that you are in. Ensure that your pet is left behind with a good caretaker and will be surrounded by love while you are away on vacation. The key to ensuring that your dog is comfortable is to do everything possible to prevent him or her from feeling lonely. There are several tips listed in this article that can help you plan the best care for your pet while you are away from him or her.

Choose the Most Ideal Boarding Facility

Leaving your dog in a boarding facility is the most ideal way to ensure that he or she will be comfortable. The reason why is because there will be caretakers available for his or her needs, as well as other dogs to play with. It is a good idea to walk around a facility in advance to determine if your pet will be comfortable there. For instance, ask a staff member if he or she can take you to the area of the facility where there kennels are kept. Ensure that the kennel will be large enough for your pet, as well as any accessories that will be left inside of it with him or her.

Leave Your Dog with Toys from Home

If you take your dog to a boarding facility, you can count on the staff to provide him or her with plenty of toys to play with. However, it is wise to consider leaving toys with your pet that he or she is familiar with. Pack a few toys from your house and take them to the boarding facility. The reason why is because the familiar toys can help your pet feel more comfortable and have a sense of being at home. Ask the boarding facility staff if there is a limit in regards to how many toys you can leave with your dog.

Tell the Caregiver About Your Pets Special Needs

If your dog has any special needs, he or she can feel uncomfortable if you forget to tell the caregiver about them. For example, does your pet enjoy having is or her head or other body part rubbed? Is your pet on any medication for health conditions that the caregiver should know about? When your pets special needs are tended to, it can make his or her time away from you easier to get through. Make a list of your pets needs in advance so you won't forget to tell the caretaker.

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