Being diagnosed with herniated discs is often a relief because it provides an explanation for the radiating pain you've felt along your spine for months or even years. When the discs along your spine become herniated they bulge outward or become inflamed. The herniated discs often push up against nerve endings and cause pain or discomfort. Once you have a diagnosis for herniated discs, you can begin trying different treatment options. Here are a few of the most effective options:

Commit to a Workout Routine

While working out may be the last thing on your mind when experiencing back pain, a workout routine is an important aspect of recovery for herniated disc sufferers. Working out to strengthen your core muscles and back can help prevent further herniated disc issues and provide relief in the meantime as well. Staying at or getting to a healthy weight with the help of a cardio workout plan can also help, since being a healthy weight is one way to keep your spine in correct alignment.

In order to create and implement a workout routine you can stick to, it's a good idea to start with a physical therapy appointment. Your general practitioner or spinal doctor can refer you to a physical therapist, who will design a safe and effective workout plan just for you.

Consider Steroid Injections

Depending on the severity of your herniated discs, your doctor may decide to give you steroid injections directly into the affected area. Steroid injections work by immediately reducing inflammation and promoting pain relief. They are meant as a short-term option for acute back pain. In some cases, the pain relief offered by steroid injections will make you comfortable enough to try the other remedies on this list.

Alternative Medicine

Some patients find ongoing pain relief from qualified alternative medicine practitioners, as long as they work in conjunction with their medical doctors' suggestions. In particular, yoga can provide relief by strengthening the core and promoting relaxation. Therapeutic massage may also be beneficial, as long as the massage therapist is educated in herniated discs and their treatment. Acupuncture can also be helpful since it stimulates the production of your body's natural pain relievers and can easily complement traditional medicine.

By trying a variety of treatment options in conjunction with each other and working closely with your back pain doctor, you will soon experience relief from your herniated discs and prevent future incidents. Contact a clinic, like Southwest Florida Neurosurgical & Rehab Associates, for more help.