For many new moms, getting back into shape after childbirth isn't hard to achieve or do. But some mothers find it difficult or nearly impossible to lose the weight they put on during pregnancy. These moms may not have the time to exercise, or they may struggle with their diet. If you can't get back into shape after delivery, try these postpartum care tips to improve your diet.

Choose Your Healthy Meals Wisely

If you're nursing your baby, you may eat a variety of healthy foods to keep your milk supply up. Although healthy food does contain the nutrients you need to nurse your baby, you can actually consume too much of it during the day. You should only consume the servings recommended by your obstetrician or nutritionist to maintain a healthy weight.

Sources recommend filling half of your lunch and dinner plates with fruits and vegetables. Most vegetables are low in fat and calories, which are two of the things that can increase your weight. Many fruits and vegetables also contain high amounts of fiber and protein to keep you full between meals. You may feel less inclined to overeat if you feel full and satisfied.

The natural sugar in fruits and vegetables can also give you the energy to exercise, even if you're busy taking care of your baby.

Take Your Baby for a Walk

Many women experience weakness in their pelvic floor after childbirth. Because of your weakness, you may not feel like doing aerobics or lifting weights right now. However, you may be able to do light to moderate postpartum exercises, such as walking and yoga, to tone and strengthen your body.

It's important to speak directly with an obstetrician before you begin your exercise plan. A doctor can examine your pelvic floor to see if it's strong enough to handle walking or yoga. Some yoga techniques require you to bend and stretch your abdominal region and back. You want to ensure that you can safely perform the techniques without endangering your health.

If an obstetrician says it's okay to walk, consider taking your baby out for short strolls around your block. Bring along plenty of water to keep your body hydrated during your walks. Good hydration can help prevent problems with your milk supply.

If you need additional help with managing your weight, contact an obstetrician for an appointment. A doctor may offer a diet and exercise plan to help you get back on your feet.