If you're currently coping with premature ejaculation, you may be able to help minimize or eliminate the condition by simply correcting some of your bad habits. 

Everyday habits like how you eat and have sex can be major factors in your premature ejaculation issues. The following are six bad habits you should correct if you or your partner are disappointed with how long your lovemaking has been lasting:

Eating an unhealthy diet

Like so many health and wellness issues, premature ejaculation can be caused or aggravated by an unhealthy diet. 

Consuming excessive amounts of highly processed, sugary foods can cause weight gain. Weight gain can reduce a man's sensitivity and make premature ejaculation worse. 

It's best to get in shape if you're trying to combat premature ejaculation and eat wholesome foods including whole grains and adequate amounts of fiber. 

Having sex or masturbating infrequently

If a man has sex or masturbates infrequently, he will typically be easily excitable during sex and prone to premature ejaculation. It's therefore a good idea to try having sex more often or masturbating occasionally to cure premature ejaculation. 


Smoking can slow down a man's circulation and thereby reduce his sensitivity. Reduced sensitivity makes it harder to maintain control over one's self during sex and delay ejaculation.

Men should stop smoking if they are dealing with premature ejaculation to see if this may solve the problem. 

Drinking excessive amounts of alcohol

Some men assume that alcohol consumption is not a factor in premature ejaculation because being a little intoxicated typically slows down a man's libido and delays ejaculation.

However, on the whole alcohol is likely to cause more problems than it cures in bed. Like smoking, alcohol consumption can reduce sensitivity and leave a man less disciplined about lovemaking. This makes premature ejaculation more likely. 

Drinking energy drinks and sodas rather than water

Staying hydrated is important if you want to perform your best in any endeavor. Having sex is no exception. You need to stay hydrated, but you want to avoid energy drinks or very sugary sodas that can contribute to weight gain. 

Not staying conscious of the issue during sex

Generally speaking, being conscious of the issue during sex is the best thing you can do to deal with premature ejaculation. You need to train yourself to slow down while having sex before ejaculating to prolong the experience for both yourself and your partner.